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90 Day Tithe Challenge

For others, you give consistently but you are not yet tithing as God has called us to. If this is you, we want to invite you to take the 90 Day Tithing Challenge and test God as His word says.


Start Somewhere

So you are ready to start giving and trusting God with your finances, but you are hesitant to jump in with our 90 day tithing challenge.

Most of us want to be generous, but we don’t plan to be generous. When we think like this we tend to say things like “When I have this, then I’ll give that.” Unfortunately, this ignores the purposes for what God has already given to you!

To become a good steward of your finances, you must define what it means to be generous and develop a plan to give. In other words, we have all have to start somewhere. Your plan needs to be measurable and should provide some clear steps that you can take. The ideal goal for giving is “percentage giving.” Percentage giving is simply giving a straight percentage of what you earn. Being that starting somewhere is generally where many of us begin prior to becoming a tither, percentage givers generally give between 1-9%.

This way of giving prepares you to become a tither. As you can slowly adjust your percentage of giving until you reach the standard tithe of 10%.